Motivational meeting with County Council of Serb national minority of Požega-slavonia County – April 4th, 2016.

20 godina SDF-a

The motivational meeting was held in the frame of the "Civil society for accountable governance " Project which is being implemented by Serbian democratic forum in the partnership with partnership with Center for peace, non-violance and human rights Osijek as a Main partner, and Informative Legal Center Slavonski Brod, Dutch partners – PAX and the Hague Academy for Local Governance .

The meeting was held with the representative of County Council of Serb national minority Mr. Miroslav Grozdanić who is responsible for monitoring of the empoloyment of minority members at the bodies of local self-management and public institutions. The main discussion was focused on discrimination in employment of Serb national minorty members at the level of Požega-Slavonia County.

According the information that Mr. Grozdanić received from Croatian Employment Office Požega, there was only 39 job openings in January for the whole Požega-Slavonia County. This number in incomparable with the number of unemployed persons which, at the moment, is 5.390.

By comparing those two numbers, one can conclude that 138 empmloyed persons are competing for one job openning. Having in mind that the advantage in employment is given to Croatian defenders, it is hard to expect for even one member of Serb minority for find employment.

However, agreement was reached that, despite of minimal opportunities for employment, County Council continues to animate their members for excercise righs set by the Article 22. of the Constitutional Law on national minority rights injob applying proceedures.