The 3rd meeting of the Expert team of Pakrac town – IPA 2011 – Pakrac, October 27th, 2016.

Within the "Civil Society for Accountable Governance" Project, the third meeting of the expert team of Pakrac town was held on 27th of October 2016 at the SDF Pakrac premises. The meeteng was attended by representatives of the Association of Women's Club Pakrac, the Serbian national minority Council of the town of Pakrac, SCA "Prosvjeta", the Vice-County prefect of Požega-Slavonia County, and the Deputy Mayor of the town of Pakrac.

In addition to determining the guidelines and obligations in connection with the drafting of the action plan, the meeting discussed current activities on the project and has announced the Regional forum which will take place on 5th December 2016, in Osijek in the organisation of Center for peace and non-violence Osijek.

The project “Civil Society for Accountable Governance” financed by the European Union’s assistance funds within the programme IPA 2011 and co-finance by the Office for Associations of the Republic of Croatia